kind words from past attendees

I had no idea the amount of value I would receive while attending Lena’s Business Retreat. Lena’s team brought an unparalleled amount of content and professionalism that I have never experienced in a business environment. Not only did I receive tools to help in my business, but I also gained encouragement and leadership skills to apply in my personal life as well. If you want to invest in your business or even business team, then Lena’s Business Retreat is where you need to be!


My experience at the Farmhouse Frock’s social media training exceeded my expectations. The quality of training and coaching, as well as insightful and honest feedback provided me with the knowledge and courage to continue moving ahead in my business. The beautiful environment, small group setting, and opportunity to experience the charm and peace of Amish Country created a distraction-free place to learn. This was a wise investment opportunity for my business!


I know I am bias, because I consider Lena my friend and adore Sydni to pieces. But, for what it is worth - this class helped me substantially. They answered many of the questions I couldn't find answers to about hashtags and streamlining other social media platforms. I felt like I learned a lot, and It really boosted my confidence level to want to dive in with both feet. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to launch their business on Instagram!


Personally, I want to thank you for educating me on something that was so elusive before. Not only did I learn a lot from the class regarding Instagram, but I have become a huge fan of Farmhouse Frocks! I have heard of your business, and honestly I cannot wait to come shopping. I am so inspired by your passion and hope to grow our business as you have done. Thank you for your time! God bless!


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