One of The Keys To Success


You've probably heard it before that resting is essential to your success. But have you ever put that into action? For me, this one has been a hard pill to swallow because I thrive when I get things done. I've always been goal-oriented so stopping for a minute to rest always felt kind of weird. As time goes on and I learn more things, I've learned that resting is absolutely essential for success.

Never underestimate what setting time aside for yourself to really take a deep breathe and thinking of happy thoughts can do for you. I find myself daydreaming of my glass of wine and a bubble bath at the end of the day. Unwinding looks different for each person but for me, a glass of wine and a bubble bath works wonders or my quiet mornings of meditation with coffee. In the crazy of my day I'll often put on some praise and worship music to calm my weary spirit and help me push through the little bumps in the road. I also make sure that I always have one day off each week. I've carried on the Amish tradition of resting on Sunday's and it pays off to really do not one thing of work for one day each week. Whatever unwinding looks like for you, make sure you set time aside for it. It's just as important as getting things done. Plus, you hard working lady need to give yourself some credit. You work hard and deserve to treat yourself.

Resting is essential to everyones life. When your mind and body get to reset, thats when the magic happens. I find myself coming up with more creative ideas after I've given myself the rest that is needed. It's not just about resting but also about staying intentional on what you focus on. Are you focused on your circumstances and dwelling on the negative things happening around you? If you are, you're not reaching your full potential. Dig deeper, read books, listen to podcasts or maybe even Pinterest and look up the things that make you happy. Maybe even write down the things that your grateful for. Analyze what makes you happy and incorporate those things into your everyday. Everyday joy is intentional and you have to practice it. Stay intentional, don't loose your focus, take some time to rest, and get back at 'em.