Keys to Achieving a Positive Mindset


Every business has its own set of challenges and upsets and the past few weeks have been no different for Farmhouse Frocks. Between hiring a new pattern maker and working with her on our new line for the Spring Release, to being sick and needing to go on a business trip and every other little fire in-between,  life got a little bit hectic and maybe even overwhelming at times.

Sometimes I’m caught off-guard with my mood or my attitude.  I’m so busy with my day to day tasks, putting out fires, making spur of the moment decisions, always keeping in mind the goal, the deadline, the next thing on my plate. It is those times when I’m least thinking about it that it feels like the negative, nit-picking, life sucking attitude sets in.

I remember exactly where I was when it dawned on me that I had some stinkin’ thinkin’ going on. Sydni and I were on our way back from our trip to NYC, after taking in the Big Apple. It had been a whirlwind couple of days and both of us had colds we were contending with. It seems when our bodies aren’t the healthiest it is easiest to allow negative thoughts to kind of take hold and master our mind.

We were getting ready to get on the escalator at Cleveland Hopkins Airport and I had that lightbulb moment. I looked straight at Sydni and I said, “I am done with this. Satan, see you later. I’m not going to be a part of this battle anymore.” Sydni looked at me wide-eyed and we grinned, both knowing what that meant.

The Bible talks about “taking every thought captive” in 2 Corinthians 10:5 and that is exactly what I did coming back home from that trip. I started to speak out loud the things I wanted to happen and reject any negative thoughts. We had a big day coming up and our team needed for things to flow better than they had been. I started to talk as if things had happened already and it was amazing how all the potential hindrances fell into place and we were able to pull off our Spring Release.  

More than ever, I’m convinced positive thinking can impact your circumstances. If you speak what will happen instead of dwelling on the challenges you are dealt with; the positive thinking will turn those challenges into nothing.

I kept saying to my team, “I have faith that our Spring Release will be very successful. Things will come together and we will have an amazing day.” Afterwards, Lori, on our sales team said to me, “You spoke it and it happened.” She had observed the hard work, dedication and positive attitudes that had gone into pulling off this day. It was really something to have someone from my own team remind me of this.

This is what works for me.

  • Giving my thoughts to meditation every morning and trusting Him with every little detail of my life.

  • I just found a new Christian station on Spotify that I am in love with. It helps me focus on good things. Music has a great impact to my mind.

  • I go to Instagram and Pinterest for inspirational pictures and stories.

  • I enjoy listening to the podcast called Goal Digger. Jenna encourages and pushes me to become a better business lady and person. Another great podcast that encourages me is TedTalks. I lear something new each time I listen to this inspiring podcast.

  • Staying intentional about being in healthy environments is a huge game changer. Let’s say I’m in the airport and someone who is sitting beside me is complaining and being negative, I will move away from them and sit beside someone else. I try to not let other people's actions affect me and my thoughts.

  • Hanging out with people that stretch your mind and talk about out of the box dreams. I try and stay clear from people that just talk about others.

  • I love traveling and trying new things. 

  • Trying new recipes 

  • Visiting with strangers and asking them thought provoking questions that will make them think happy thoughts and gets me to know them faster.

Positive thinking is something that you have to stay intentional about. The first step to positive thinking is to evaluate your thought process in all situations. Then I go to my “ideas” of ways that I know will help me to find inspiration and foster positive thinking. It's not always the easiest to adapt to new ways of thinking but with perseverance and lots of prayer, you'll recognize change in no time. Your life will change dramatically if you start speaking and thinking positively. I'm speaking from experience. Now go out and change the world.