How to Have A Productive Day


As I was thinking about planning out my goals and achieving them from last week's post it led me to my post for this week. If someone asked me how I balance everything and remain productive I would have to point to a few disciplines I have for myself.

Three categories that help me keep it simple. 

  1. Prepare For My Day

  2. Doing My Day

  3. Shutting Down

Preparing For My Day

  • Getting up early makes a big difference in the outcome of my day. I get up at 6 am on most mornings. There are studies that tell you one has double the productivity between 6 and 10 AM. When I don’t have enough hours in the day I always add it in the beginning of my day rather than in the end of the day just because I know if I get up earlier I will be more productive. 

    • Tip: If you aren’t a morning person and can’t get up that early, try getting up early one day a week and seeing what you can get accomplished. It might surprise you.

  • I love coffee and having it with my quiet time. I like to go to the Jesus Calling app on my phone and reading from it and meditating before I do anything else. 

  • I prepare my mind for the day. Thinking positive thoughts, such as, “I’m so excited about what I get to do today.” Rather than thinking something negative, such as, “Oh, I dread going in the office and troubleshooting this one problem that has cropped up.” 

    • Tip 1: I like to think about the impact I am make today. What an opportunity I have to be in contact with people in meetings and online. 

    • Tip 2: I pray, “Lord who are you going to bless through me today?” It is amazing how that little prayer changes any negative thoughts for me.

  • Take time to shower, do my hair, makeup and get dressed for the day. 

    • Tip: If you are working from your home you might want to incorporate this in your day. It is so easy to stay in your sweatpants and tshirt but there are studies that have found when you take time to get dressed for the day you will be more productive. 

  • Before leaving home I plan my social media postings for the day. I do this using the Planoly app that schedules posts for Instagram. That way I’m getting new posts out there at various times of the day, but don’t have to stop to do so during the day.

  • Plan something for dinner. Often getting something going in the crockpot so dinner isn’t so hurried in the evening.

  • I keep set hours for my business. I’m out the door just like I would be if I was working for someone else.

Doing My Day - My Plan Of Action

  • I use the Asana App for organizing tasks at Farmhouse Frocks. This helps our team to all be onboard with what we have to do for the day. With this app I don’t have to micromanage every minute of every day. 

    • Tip: If you don’t have a team, don’t have need of an app you might do better making a list. Having something to checkmark off each task you want to accomplish for the day will keep you more productive. 

  • When I think of something to do, I do it. I like to think of it as making my feet go forward into my plan of action. The longer I think about doing something there is less of a chance I will actually do it. 

  • I like to think of ways I can work without backtracking. 

  • An organized workspace makes me more productive. 

  • When I’m in meetings I am fully engaged. I don’t multitask while in a meeting, thinking about everything else I need to do. This is a discipline that I suggest everyone gets used to doing.

Shutting Off My Brain At The End Of The Day

My weakest area is shutting off my brain at the end of the day. Here are a few things I find effective. 

  • Have a quitting time. Once it’s that designated time, I’m off the clock and doing normal stuff. 

    • Family time

    • Fellowship

    • Community

    • Creativity

  • I have been training my mind not to have my phone in my hand all evening long. If I do check my email, I will not respond, but will flag specific emails to be answered during work hours. 

  • One of the first things I like to do when I come home is to sit down with a heated blanket wrapped around me. It helps me to shut down and feel comforted. 

  • After dinner I like to wind down even further by doing one or more of these things.

    • Sit in hot tub.

    • Drink a glass of wine.

    • Drink a cup of tea.

    • Take a bath.

  • Be in bed by 10PM if I can. There are studies out there that say any sleep you get before midnight doubles up, so if you get two hours of sleep before midnight it is as if you have slept for four hours. I like to maximize on little things like that. 

    • Tip: Find sheets you love. I have bamboo sheets that make me feel so comfortable and help me sleep better. 

    • Tip: I Have specific carpets in our bathroom that make me feel luxurious and pampered. It is nice to feel them on my feet at the end of the day. 

  • Bamboo sheets and luxurious carpets may not be practical for everyone, but having them is part of my hustle. I like feeling pampered, but I would never pamper myself without having had worked for those items. It is part of my “why” I do what I do.

A Couple More Thoughts

I love my work environment and love my job so it doesn’t feel like work. It didn’t happen overnight. A work environment is created. You have to figure out what works. This is where organizational skills come in handy. 

  • A life changer was when I purchased a second phone and separated my business life and my personal life. It has freed me up in the evening. 

  • I’m getting good at delegating tasks to others so I don’t have all the pressure on my shoulders. They might not always do everything the way I do things, but they still get them done. That is what is important.

Work ethic is a quality I inherited from my father. He is disciplined and can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. Once he is focused on something he runs with it. When I look at blog posts like this one I can easily see that I inherited my father’s work ethic and disciplines.

I thought I would close on a comical note. I have this pair of shoes that make me feel empowered and I can accomplish anything that comes my way. I call them my “get sh*t done shoes.” When my girls see that I am wearing them they say to each other, “Oh no, mom has THOSE shoes on!” We make a joke about it, but it really works. If you equip yourself with a good mindset, effective disciplines and an item or two that make you feel like you can take on anything you are set up for success.