Get To Know Me a Little More


I receive questions in my inbox and in the comments on social media all the time. Questions about clothing, about business and even inspiration. I've compiled a list of questions I've been asked and will be answering those today. Grab a cup of your favorite something warm and let's get started. 



  • How did you first get into making clothing?

The hardest thing for me was to find cute clothes as a plus sized woman. I wanted to have a resource for cute and comfortable clothes for my size and so on a whim I started designing my own clothing and the business grew from there. It had never been on my radar to be a fashion designer. That is what is fun about walking with God. So often, he leads us into these amazing adventures if we are willing to listen to his prompts and what is on our hearts. The best part for me is since I've become a fashion designer I've never had to worry about having something nice to wear for any occasion. My closet is filled with beautiful pieces and my body is covered, I'm comfortable and the cuteness factor is there that I always longed for. 

  • What do you feel is a key piece for a woman’s wardrobe?

Honestly, a bra. 75 % of women wear the wrong size bra. I personally love Lane Bryants bras. Other than that, I would say a good legging. 

Leggings are body slimming. I never wore leggings before Farmhouse Frocks and now I see them as an essential piece in my wardrobe. Loose pants can make my body look boxy and bigger then you really are. You will look slimmer and it is so versatile, going with so many of our Frocks.  

  • What is your favorite frock and outfit from Farmhouse Frocks?

My favorite is the Lena Leggings layered on top are a Lizzie Tunic then a Dixie Tunic and lastly a Rosie Cardigan


  1. How to you deal with naysayers? 

When naysayers or negative comments come my way I take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. 

Negative people don’t get me down. I counteract each negative experience with three positive ones. This is a discipline I've had to learn. I am intentional about inviting positive things into my life. Let's say I get an mean-spirited email or comment. I will then be intentional about seeking out three positive things to dwell on that day. Some of my favorite uplifting and positive things to do are the following.

        • Listening to a favorite podcast that helps me build up my business.

        • Pinterest for Inspiration. So many inspiring things on Pinterest.

        • Music. It is practical for all aspects in life. Sometimes its spiritual music and other times crazy rap or of course 80's.

  • What element of your business do you enjoy the most?

        • I love creating our product.

        • Connecting with the customers.

        • Working with my girls everyday.

  • What is your greatest challenge?

Shutting my brain off at night. One intentional thing I do to help me shut off is drink a cup of tea before bedtime. Sleepy Time tea and Plantation Mint tea mixed together are my go to teas at the moment.

  • Entrepreneur is a big word for an Amish girl with an 8th grade education, when did you learn what it meant?

When I had another business called Lena’s Amish Granola.

It was then I learned about networking and how to set systems in place and what being an entrepreneur looks like. 

  • Do you have to have an education to be successful in business?

No. But you do have to learn from your mistakes. You also have to have drive from within and not be scared to work and do what it takes. It is hard to run a successful business if you aren’t on social media. Not that it can’t be done, but it is a great asset for any company.  

  • Which tool has helped you the most with your business?

Instagram, Coaching, and Bookkeeping. I feel like Instagram is such a great tool to get your name and brand out there. Bookkeeping is a great asset to know where your money is going. If your books are in order then you know what works in your business and what doesn’t. Having a Business Coach was a game changer for me.


  • What is the key to your passion and drive?

The key to my passion and drive is listening to the Lord when he speaks to me. Having - More Faith Than Fear - making sure all my decisions are based on faith, and not fear. If you base your decisions on fear you will most likely fail. If you plan on being successful you will be successful. 

        • Being intentional. Everything I do, I try to do with purpose and intent. 

        • Taking time to inspire myself through:

          • Travel

          • Jesus Time

          • Pinterest

          • Podcasts

Who do you know that I should know?

People I follow on Instagram and I draw a lot of inspiration from at the moment are the following: 

What inspires you?

For my business I pull inspiration from the west coast, Sweden and France. They are all two years ahead of us in the fashion industry. I like to follow people from those areas to help me understand what I need to be doing for both our fashion and the displays we have in the studio and when we are setting up booths on the road.

I also draw inspiration and helps from these YouTube channels, podcasts and apps. 

        • Ted Talks on YouTube

        • Jesus Calling App on my phone

        • Goaldiggers Podcast

        • Asana App on my phone for goal management for our team. It is task oriented and keeps our team on track. 

I hope you enjoyed reading through these questions and answers. It was fun answering these and I hope my answers were informative and inspirational for you. 

I'm looking forward to next weeks post. It is the first of the year and everyone is setting goals. I'm going to put my two cents in the ring and talk about setting my goals and how I achieve them.